Oils for a good nights sleep

Oils for a Good Night’s Sleep

If I’m overtired and just need to knock myself out with a heavy duty relaxant, I will choose either:
· 1 drop Valerian oil under my nose; or
· 1 drop of RutaVala on the occipital region at the top of my neck, and 3 drops of Roman Chamomile down the back of my neck

If I want a deliciously, divinely, peaceful night’s sleep, I will choose:
· 1 drop of Sandalwood or Cedarwood oil on my face, or
· 1 drop of Awaken oil on my pillow

If I am emotionally distressed, and want to soothe my spirit for a good night’s sleep, I will choose:
· 1 drop Sacred Mountain on my chest




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About forpetessakeessentials

I am a Certified, licensed faith based counselor. By the end of the summer I plan to complete my Naturopath. So, I will be called Dr. Kelli ! LOL! This is so exciting!!! I love foraging, alternative methods of healing, essential oils and my family. I have a personal relationship with Jesus and it is by HIS grace that I am a cancer survivor. I have a great story to tell and I love to bless others with what Jesus has done for me. I am married, going through the struggles of marriage, have 5 children, all blessings from God with their own struggles. I am here for them and others as the Lord wills. I am the founder of Set Free Recovery a 501c3 organization that counsels those that seek to be free from drugs and alcohol.... If you would like my testimony, please contact me. I would be glad to share it with you. I am also available for speaking events. If you have one coming up, contact me to get on the schedule...
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