Sunspots, Lumps and Other Skin Growths S

Sunspots, Lumps and Other Skin Growths
Sherril writes: Over the last 3 months I had a large growth under my eye which grew to one centimeter in size. It was like a round ball, and spongy, and it was affecting my vision. Very delicate skin under the eye so I was not willing to try a surgical approach. I applied Sacred Frankincense one drop morning and night for three weeks. It would sting a little, however I noticed it quickly began to shrink. I am happy to report it is now completely gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also used Regular Frankincense on sun spots and other types of flat, scaly spots on my face, décolletage and legs. The spots shrank gradually, and were completely gone in about 3 weeks.

When applying oils around the eye, they have the tendency to “migrate” across the skin. For this reason, I would normally keep them a good couple of centimeters from the eye. If I had to venture closer to the eye, I’d ensure that I only used a tiny bit of oil, applied very carefully so as not to get the essential oil into the eye…..and I’d have vegetable oil (not water!!!!) on hand to flush the eye out with if it began to sting.


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I am a Certified, licensed faith based counselor. By the end of the summer I plan to complete my Naturopath. So, I will be called Dr. Kelli ! LOL! This is so exciting!!! I love foraging, alternative methods of healing, essential oils and my family. I have a personal relationship with Jesus and it is by HIS grace that I am a cancer survivor. I have a great story to tell and I love to bless others with what Jesus has done for me. I am married, going through the struggles of marriage, have 5 children, all blessings from God with their own struggles. I am here for them and others as the Lord wills. I am the founder of Set Free Recovery a 501c3 organization that counsels those that seek to be free from drugs and alcohol.... If you would like my testimony, please contact me. I would be glad to share it with you. I am also available for speaking events. If you have one coming up, contact me to get on the schedule...
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