Hi! I am Kelli, a home school mom of 5 great blessings! I am finishing my Naturopath and certified through the International Institute Faith Based Counseling and I counsel those that seek it. The Lord has started a ministry that I will use to bless those that cross my path. http://www.setfreerecovery.org My focus is really drug and alcohol addictions, but counsel anyone that seeks it. I love to teach my children, love herbal remedies, essential oils, raw milk anything…. The list goes on…… You get the point!

You can purchase your 100% therapeutic grade essential oils from my online store here….


I believe Jesus is my Saviour!

I believe through HIM all things are possible… There are no limits with God!

I am a Celebrate Recovery advocate, I love the program, co-lead In the small step groups and love to help those that struggle with hurts, habits or hang ups!

You can help the Set Free Recovery ministry if you feel that is what you would like to do. Check out the web page here… http://www.setfreerecovery.og

I make my own herbal remedies and sell them… http://www.forpetessakeessentials.com

I also am a distributor of therapeutic grade essential oils…..

I can be contacted at 862-354-2515 or you can e mail me at for.petes.sake.essentials@gmail.com


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